Vintage Diary

These comments are provided with the intention of celebrating the seasonal variations on the theme of these single vineyard, varietal wines.

We are keeping a substantial museum stock of each vintage, in order to monitor progress, and indications are encouraging.
The progress of these wines will be posted on this website periodically. Subjective descriptors are avoided where possible. The date of tastings is indicated. The percentage alcohol is provided purely as a guide to the ripeness of the vintage and the resulting body and flavour in the wine.

All of the bottled wines were tasted without decanting (they do not normally require aeration) but some
have thrown a loose crust and should be handled gently.

These comments are provided with the intention of celebrating the seasonal variations on the theme of these single vineyard, varietal wines.

We are keeping a substantial museum stock of each vintage, in order to monitor progress, and indications are encouraging.

The progress of these wines will be posted on this website periodically. Subjective descriptors are avoided where possible. The date of tastings is indicated. The percentage alcohol is provided purely as a guide to the ripeness of the vintage and the resulting body and flavour in the wine.

All of the bottled wines were tasted without decanting (they do not normally require aeration) but some have thrown a loose crust and should be handled gently.

2022 Vintage

2022 Riesling – Green apple and fresh lemon/lime, with an interesting perfume that combines lemon, myrtle, juniper and a slight petrol top note.

It’s dry and tight, with a fine powdery texture, intense clean acid cut with some savoury lees complexity and quinine-like tang. Finish is fresh, dry and quite long, with lime leaf and rind in the aftertaste.

Cool feeling wine and very interesting. Plenty of character when tasted in July 2023.

2019 Vintage

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon (14.5%) – The 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon opens with a bouquet of charred capsicum, supple leather, and a hint of olive tapenade.

Beneath these initial impressions, you’ll discover a core of luscious blackcurrant and the subtle herbal notes of bay leaf, culminating in a gratifying earthy finish.

The wine’s tannins are assertive and enduring, making it an ideal companion for savoring alongside creamy babaganoush paired with slices of toasted sourdough.

2018 Vintage

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon – This Cabernet Sauvignon is an intriguing mix of blueberry chutney, cedar and star anise. The palate is rich with firm but supple grip overlying spicy cigar box. The wine finishes with a dark chocolate twist. A nice match with roasted lamb.

2018 Shiraz (15%) – This Shiraz meets the explorer with wafts of leather and tobacco mixed with maraschino cherry. The wine has soft and dusty tannins rounding out with spices and cloves. Enjoy with rare beef but keep a glass for the cheddar by the fire.

2017 Vintage

A cooler than usual season with steady ripening conditions created a lower than usual alcohol wine at 13.1% with a larger crop.

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon (13.1%) – This vibrant Cabernet Sauvignon has the aroma of violets and a hint of cloves. The colour is a rich deep garnet. Flavors of raspberry, pomegranate, plum and purple berry fruits seamlessly integrate with oak creating a deep yet elegant and refined wine.

There were no additions made to this preservative free wine that was plunged in small fermenters before being transferred to mature in oak barrels.

2017 Shiraz – This Shiraz has lovely aromas of Christmas pudding spiciness and roasted hazel nuts blending with freshly roasted coffee. Those spices match well with the red currants swimming in a chocolate-rich palate that smoothly finishes with a twist of licorice. A wine to enjoy at any occasion.

2016 Vintage

2016 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (13.2%)

Colour: Light and youthful red.
Aroma: Fresh lifted nose with all of the red berries.
Palate: Rich fruit, plum and blueberry. Beautiful complex minerality. Soft tannins and well balanced oak. Juicy fruit and earthiness that keeps you wanting more.

2016 Reserve Shiraz (13.5%)

Colour: Vibrant, deep red.
Aroma: Subtle oak, herbal notes and raspberry.
Palate: Streamline acid with very well integrated oak. Generous fruity flavours and silky tannins. Beautiful long finish with smokey meat characters.

2014 Vintage

2014 delivered a varied growing season, marked by humid days breaking in rain and bringing a cool change which would then build up to warmer and hotter conditions which lead to humidity that broke in rain to repeat the pattern as harvest time approached.

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon (13.7%) – Due to a small crop, development of the Cabernet was advanced and so picked earlier than usual on 4th April 2014.

Tasted December 2017

  • Colour: Dark inky deep red purple hue.
  • Bouquet: This brooding wine will benefit from age and over time the bouquet will reveal itself.
  • Palate: The tannins are clean and tight with blackcurrant and cherry fruits and leathery, cedar tones integrated with hints of pomegranate, spice and subtle french oak.
  • Winemaking: No additions were made to this wine in small fermenters plunged 2-3 times per day for five days before being transferred to mature in oak barrels.


2014 Shiraz (14.8%). Fruit picked 14th April 2014.

Tasted December 2017

  • Colour: Vibrant deep cherry red.
  • Bouquet: A nose fragrant with pomegranate, cloves and black berries that later gives up to the bouquet of carnations in the empty glass.
  • Palate:  Dusty tannins integrated with black berry fruits with a background of cloves and spice and subtle french oak. This wine opens up to delight over the course of the tasting revealing more of itself showing great structure and depth.
  • Winemaking: With no additions made to the wine, careful handling and attention to detail at all stages from the ground up is required to transform this exceptionally well grown fruit into beautiful wine for your drinking pleasure.



2013 Vintage

A cooler than average year in the Great Southern. The shiraz grapes were picked on 6th April 2013.

2013 Shiraz (SOLD OUT) (14.0%) – Deep red with purple hues. The 2013 Shiraz has a bouquet of fresh red berries and blackberry aromas overlying cigar box and subtle French oak. The palate has pomegranate, mulberry and cranberry fruit integrated with white pepper spice and powdery tannins. This wine was released late in 2015 but will gain from cellaring for ten years or more.

2012 Vintage

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Colour: Deep red crimson with purple hues.
  • Nose: Lifted ripe red berries complemented by just ripe bramble fruits. Hints of flint stone and violet.
  • Palate: Fleshy but tight palate framed by fine powdery tannins. The middle palate is generous and weighty, lifted by a vibrant array of floral notes. Long persistent finish.
  • After a while: Fresh earthy notes develop as well as blackcurrant buds and bitter cacao.

2012 Shiraz

  • Colour: Deep red blood cherry with purple hues.
  • Nose: Lifted nose with ripe bramble fruits, vibrant red and blue berries, with hints of dry eucalyptus leaf.
  • Palate: Fleshy and generous palate with fine talcy tannins. The structure is well integrated, giving a soft but firm mouthfeel complemented by vibrant arrays of mulberries and loganberries. Long fruity finish.
  • After a while: Earthy notes develop as well as complex floral notes of hawthorn and cherry blossom.
2011 Vintage

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Colour: Deep red crimson with bright red hues.
  • Nose: Fresh and lifted nose with complex array of red berries. Hints of cedary oak, cigar box and preserved plums.
  • Palate: Generous palate with tight middle palate, well supported by fine silky tannins. Concentrated plums and dark berries intensify the middle palate and persist into a long fruity finish.
  • After a while: Savoury notes develop as well as blackcurrant buds and dark chocolate.
2010 Vintage
The growing season was very humid marked by warm and moist conditions; a more difficult year than the average.

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon (SOLD OUT)

  • Colour: Deep red crimson with soft orange hues.
  • Nose: Lifted nose with complex cigar box characters, complemented by ripe red and black berries.
  • Palate: Tight mouthfeel well structured by fine dusty tannins and a long back bone. Lush plum carry through the palate with hints of cloves and ivy. Long persistent finish.
  • After a while: Earthy notes develop and the complex array of red and black berries intensify further.

2010 Shiraz (14.6%) (SOLD OUT)

  • Colour: Dark red with purple hue.
  • Nose: Confectionary box, caramel toffee and licorice with sweet floral notes persisting in the empty glass.
  • Palate: Red cherry, pomegranate and raspberry integrate seamlessly with fine ripe tannins surrounding a core of exotic spices.
2009 Vintage
A very high spring rainfall followed by cool and dry conditions prior to vintage, yielded a substantial crop, the wines are medium bodied, elegant and more floral than usual (still ticking away in barrel, no further comments at this early stage for the Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Vintage last tasted in July 2009).


2009 Shiraz (SOLD OUT) (14.6%, last tasted August 2011) – the nose on this wine is full of spicy white pepper with an underlying green capsicum tone. It has a soft middle palate with a long finish and blackcurrant as the finishing note. The Shiraz is well balanced quite young/big tannins, it is a keeper! A perfect wine for food lovers.

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon (SOLD OUT) (13.2% last tasted August 2011) – this wine is rich red-purple in colour, with a bouquet of morello cherries, forest fruits, leather and spice. The palate has fine, well-integrated tannins and good fruit persistence. It is very well balanced. A classic Cabernet Sauvignon.

2008 Vintage
Good winter/spring rains followed by warm, dry conditions favoured ripeness in the Shiraz with heavy rain prior to picking the Cabernet.

2008 Shiraz (16.2%, barrel sample July 2009) – this wine has a very deep colour and an underlying weight and depth of flavour allied with complexity and richness. Less spicy than the cooler years, it has powdery tannins and sweet dark fruits which combine in this fairly intense and (as yet) closed expression of the terroir.

2008 Shiraz (16.2%, last tasted October 2010) – having only been bottled a few months this wine is just beginning to adjust to its situation. The beautiful cork influence so essential to the development to these massive wines is just starting to take effect. The first nuances of bouquet which are emerging are in the vintage port spectrum and point to the fullness of body and the unctuous texture of the palate. Still integrating, this wine has a beguiling nature and will develop into a uniquely complex and formidable wine.

2008 Shiraz (16.2%, May 2017) – a stand out favourite vintage which has developed into the unique formidable wine it promised to be. This complex, full bodied wine keeps on giving with soft, powdery tannins and silky mouthfeel. Bunn 2008 Shiraz continues to delight.

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon (SOLD OUT) (14.6%, barrel sample July 2009) – a deep coloured wine with some cigar box and dark chocolate on the nose. This follows through on the palate with some of those earthy, truffly characters followed by sufficient acid and tannin to age well. It is refined and possesses an array of mineral flavour precursors which time will unlock.

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon (SOLD OUT) (14.6%, last tasted October 2010) – in spite of heavy rain prior to picking this wine is still in the very full bodied category. The nose while still closed shows an underlying perfume of dark fruit and flowers. The palate is firm and refined. There is also great depth to the flavour and that minerality which is only seen in great Cabernet Sauvignon. It should develop into a fine example of the terroir.

2007 Vintage
The hottest and driest vintage on record in the Great Southern. Extremely low rainfall until March when some welcome rains occurred. Very full bodied wines were the result which will be very long lived.

2007 Shiraz (SOLD OUT) (15.9%, July 2009) – this wine has only been in bottle for a few months but already the benefit of the high quality cork is apparent. This is a massive and yet balanced wine with impenetrable colour and a very deep flavour profile just starting to open up. The concentrated palate hides a wealth of flavour which will only be fully revealed after many years in the bottle. Released April 2010.

2007 Shiraz (15.9%, last tasted October 2010) – presents as a massively proportioned wine reflecting the warmer than usual growing conditions. Despite its size it displays a refined and harmonious inner core of concentrated flavours which are just beginning to open up. The nose offers some spicy, sweet liqueur notes and aromas of stone fruit orchards. The palate follows up with a warm, voluptuous velvety texture enclosing deep, dark roasted flavour precursors. The firm tannic finnish is softening a bit but needs another five years to show its best.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon (SOLD OUT) (15.1%, tasted July 2009) – just beginning to integrate on the nose this wine shows the finesse of cool climate Cabernet matched with the firm structure imparted by a warm summer. As with the Shiraz, there is a great deal of unevolved flavour hidden within that structure which will develop over time. This combination of concentration and refinement is quite rare. Released April 2010.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon (15.1%, last tasted October 2010) – has an almost impenetrable colour and a rich, deep bouquet evoking forests, earth and sweet woodsmoke. The palate is mouth filling, balanced and refined. The late palate reveals an underlying presence and power which with the formidable tannins indicate a great potential to develop. There is a mineral intensity at the core of this wine which will require another six years or so to evolve.

2006 Vintage
The coolest wettest season yet experienced – a larger than average crop which struggled to achieve full ripeness. The wines as a result are lighter and more delicate than usual and should mature more quickly.

2006 Shiraz (SOLD OUT) (13.1%, last tasted June 2009) – the cork is working wonders on a wine which by our standards is fairly light and austere. It is filling out and mellowing the bouquet and the palate and bringing about a harmony of refinement and flavour. The spicy aromatics have resolved into a prominent carnation note which should persist on the nose for some time to come. The earthy, foresty characters of the vineyard site are also evident and combined with a sweet minerality on the palate are evolving nicely. Should be drinking beautifully in another twelve months and will continue to grow in stature for a few more years.

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon (SOLD OUT) (13.4%, last tasted in June 2009) – the maturation here is indicated by the full ruby colour just starting to lighten at the edge. The nose shows just a hint of oak married to the characteristic cedar notes of cool climate Cabernet. A warm earthiness is coming through on the palate and a seamless complex of flavours persists in the empty glass (a very good sign). The wine is showing amazing balance for such a cool year and will keep improving for years to come.

2005 Vintage
Drier than usual conditions up until February/March when some welcome showers occurred. There was sufficient warmth to fully ripen both varieties by the usual vintage time, this was in spite of record rainfall in April.

2005 Shiraz (SOLD OUT) (14.1%, last tasted July 2009) – this wine has a deep dark colour and a spice box of aromatics with a floral note at its’ core. This runs through to the satiny palate while soft but persistent tannins complete the picture. It should peak in another two or three years and remain there for several more.

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon (SOLD OUT) (13.5%, last tasted July 2009) – there are some youthful characters still integrating here. The bouquet displays a rich earthiness combined with a woody (not oaky) note which flows through to the palate. It’s lingering finnish is firm and balanced and will reach a plateau in another year or two.

2004 Vintage
A very wet winter preceded warm and dry weather which persisted until vintage creating the ideal conditions for perfect ripeness.

2004 Shiraz (SOLD OUT) (15.4%, last tasted June 2009) – at five plus years of age a wonderful softness has settled on this wine. The flavours have integrated creating a refined harmony yet with a firm, fresh finish promising better to come. The palate is full and opulent with a velvety texture and is drinking superbly at the moment – it will continue to develop well over the next few years.

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon (SOLD OUT) (14.8%, last tasted June 2009) – still a full red colour lightening a little at the edge. The bouquet is now more blackcurrant than cedar but with added highlights brought about by bottle age. The velvety palate is still evolving and the firm finish points to years of development ahead. A very satisfying drink.

2003 Vintage
Warm conditions prevailed with bursts of rain which presented some challenges to the ripening Shiraz. The Cabernet Sauvignon regarded the same conditions as ideal. Both wines achieved remarkable success for such a young vineyard. They started out fairly hard and tough but have softened beautifully with time.

2003 Shiraz (SOLD OUT) (15.0%, last tasted July 2009) – described by some as a blockbuster when young, this wine has aged very gracefully indeed. When tasted recently it impressed with it’s old fashioned charm and depth of character. It has developed into a distinctive and luscious wine which has reached its plateau of maturity and yet still has a firm tannin profile. It should continue to drink well for a few more years.

2003 Cabernet Sauvignon (SOLD OUT) (13.5%, last tasted July 2009) – as revealed by the nose, this wine has gained a wonderful sweet refinement with bottle age. The body has lightened off and become more elegant and the palate has mellowed to a creamy, milk chocolate type of texture and taste. At six years it is fully developed but still has enough acid and tannin to remain at its peak for another year or two.

2002 Vintage
A small quantity of wine was made. The season was unusual in having heavy rain in December and then dry until April. Quite warm conditions ensured a perfect ripening.

2002 Shiraz (14.6%, last tasted July 2009) – the product of very young vineyard, this wine has just about reached the end of its life. As a young wine it had a stunning grapey aroma but not enough body to ensure a long future. The acid is starting to poke through on the palate and while it is still drinking well it should be enjoyed over the next twelve months.

2002 Cabernet Sauvignon (14.9%, last tasted July 2009) again, the wine comes from some of the earliest produce from the vineyard. It, however, has a pronounced cedar nose and a mouth filling, complex of flavours complimented by considerable refinement. It is still finishing quite firm but not with the usual follow through on the late palate. Drink now and over the next two years.